Your wife is scared to get herself Tested for Breast Cancer. How will you convince her? | #byherside

There she stands.The superwoman who pushed you to succeed.And cheered for you, all the way.

Your confidante. Your bouncing board.Your best friend. Your better half.The one who’s been through the thick and thin with you.

And the only one who knows all your deepest fears. Like how you just can’t stand the sight of frogs.

How come then, you don’t recognize what scares her? Like the thought of getting tested for breast cancer.

Or the pain she’d have to go through. Or worrying about how the kids and you would manage without her.

No. She would rather not know. But dear husbands please know this.That 90% of Breast Cancer cases can be treated, it detected early.

So, do whatever it takes. Spoil her. Chocolate bomb her. Cook up a storm for her. Even if you don’t know how.

Replace meetings with candle light dinners. Develop the fine art of listening. And gently, slowly but surely get her, to face this fear.

With you there, right by her side.


#byherside is an initiative that encourages us to go that extra mile to get the women we love, to test early for Breast Cancer.

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