Pink Pledge | #byherside

I'M #byherside

I’M #byherside is a promise to be always #byherside. It can be given by a daughter, a son, a brother, a sister, a husband – anyone who cares about her and loves her. The crux of the promise is to encourage the women around you to go for early and regular Breast Cancer check ups.

Your commitment can also be shown by constructing your own pledge or share the one we have created.

“You’ve always been by my side. Now, I want to be your strength to get you to test for Breast Cancer. No, I will not let you excuse or bully your way out. I will hold you, haunt you, stalk you, call you, send irritating gifs, sing like Himesh, pick my nose in front of your friends, upload your dance videos, hide your earphones, tell you spoilers, photobomb you with donkeys, basically I will be your whatever-it-takes. Because early detection matters. And because to me, you matter the most.”

The commitment can also be shown by buying the specially made Pink Valve Caps for Tyres.

Share I’m #byherside today, share and tag the women you love. Now.

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